May 18, 2023Jason Harvey

The Humble Cafetière – one of our favourite home brew methods. 

Some suggest the cafetière originated in France from the 1850s. There is a story that an old Frenchman would go on walks to escape his nagging wife, taking with him a tin coffee point and boiling a brew over a fire.He improvised a plunger with some wire gauze to catch the grounds.But it wasn’t until 1913 that a similar brewer, that we’d recognise as a Cafetière today, was actually produced in France – called the Cafeolette. This used hot milk to brew the coffee rather than water., and is where the commonly known drink ‘cafe au lait’ derived.

Brew at Home - Cafetiere from Common Coffee on Vimeo.

A special thanks to Tom (TR Music), for the awesome music and Josh Davie for his editing skills.Both Josh and Tom are part of our #WorkingTogether campaign –every time you buy coffee online you’ll have the option to support them or one of our hospitality customers.

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