Common Coffee



The Complex Roast 

Origin: Peru 

Process: Natural 

Region: Jaen, Cajamarca

Flavour Notes: Strawberry || Mango || Rum 


Historically, Peru and Honduras have been seen as the discounted Latin American origins, providing coffee of modest and often inconsistent quality. This perception, along with the corresponding lower price point, stems from supply chains emphasising large volume and aggregated quality to cater to roasters prioritising value over remarkable coffee. This practice often leaves Peruvian farmers at a disadvantage, failing to benefit from higher income through quality improvement.

We, however, see a different future for Peru. We firmly believe that with the right cultivation and processing techniques, Peruvian coffee can rival the quality of any of its Latin American counterparts.

Peru's unique geographical features, including the high altitude of the Andes, volcanic soil richness, and tropical rainfall, make it a prime location for producing high-quality Arabica coffee. We've identified post-harvest processing as a key area for improvement. Most farmers lack the necessary training to understand and apply the precise chemistry required to maximise coffee quality. We aim to address this issue by providing detailed training and financial incentives for those who put in the effort to improve their coffee quality.