COMMON PEOPLE: Katie, Social Media Manager at Common Coffee

Jun 03, 2024Jason Harvey

Welcome to the latest edition of our series, Common People, where we introduce you to the incredible people that make up the Common family. This time, we sat down for a coffee with our Social Media Manager Katie.

What’s your go-to coffee order and what does this reveal about your personality?

Ironically I actually don’t drink coffee anymore; I’m a matcha fan now. Sorry! Not that I don’t love coffee, because I really do, but I gave it up alongside alcohol around three years ago. However I love the smell of coffee and everything about it, so I do often go for a decaf when I’m not in a matcha mood. If I’m visiting the Common roastery, Jason will pour me a cup of Common’s decaf when we arrive, which I’m obviously biased about when I say this – but it’s my favourite.

What role does coffee play in your life and why does it matter to you?

Working with Common has opened my eyes to the world of coffee which has been a super interesting experience for me. Since then I feel like I’ve noticed how significant coffee is in so many people’s lives, and despite not drinking it I’ll often say to people ‘let’s go for a coffee!’ when I want to organise a catch-up. It isn’t just a drink to me, it holds so many other connotations. It means a reason for seeing someone and it also sets the tone for that interaction too – rather than meeting in a bar or a pub, for example.

Which is your favourite Common roast and why?

Decaf is the roast I drink, however I also love the idea behind the Strong roast. It was formed on the basis that when so many people think of the type of coffee they like, the word that comes to mind is ‘strong’. Plus I think the colour scheme of the Strong packaging is particularly eye-catching.

How does coffee fit into your idea of connection?

I think coffee is a really powerful vehicle that allows for so many different types of connection. I also think knowing how someone likes their coffee or what kind of coffee they order is quite a personal thing, and being able to provide them with that can be such a meaningful act of service to do for them.

Can you share a memorable moment when you connected with someone over a cup of coffee?

I often spend my time working from my laptop in coffee shops, and this is a great excuse to connect with fellow freelancers or creative people doing the same thing. In fact, it’s how I met Jason as I was working from Mayvn with a coffee and we got chatting. Coffee has been the basis for so many interesting conversations with interesting people for me, and lots of exciting opportunities have been formed as a result of these conversations.

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