The Common Story

Aug 17, 2023Jason Harvey

Common started its life with one straightforward idea – good coffee, made simple. From humble beginnings in Fife Scotland, we have navigated our way through five years of learning. We are proud to be an independent business that puts people at the heart of everything we do. For us, being part of this amazing coffee community is a privilege we hold close to our hearts.

We started Common because we love coffee. But not just the taste, smell, or morning caffeine hit. We love the role that coffee plays in the lives of people across the globe: from the farmers who rely on it to make a living, to the roasters and baristas honing their craft (not to mention those of us who can only be coaxed out of bed by that sweet coffee aroma).

We began our journey with four flavour-led roasts that highlight the variety of coffee. You can get all four in a set and enjoy the different flavours of coffee depending on what you feel like throughout the day. Or, if you’ve found your absolute favourite, each roast can be ordered individually.

In 2021 we were lucky enough to join the business community that is Rosemains Steading in Pathhead. A small group of independent businesses who have come together to share ideas, resources and of course the odd struggle. 

We have also continued to invest in the development of using an electric roaster. We operate a 12kg Electric Probat. While not currently widely used, we believe making the move to electric is an important step to ensuring longevity within the coffee industry. The consistency of the electric roaster is something that continues to impress us and we look forward to more roasters joining us on the journey to electric roasting. 

As we look to the future, Common aims to place continued emphasis on how we can connect more people through our shared love of coffee.


Jason is an adventurer that dreams big. He started his career with outdoor leadership in New Zealand where he paddled more rivers and tramped more tracks than you can imagine. Whether he is dancing in a forest or tracking down the best environmentally friendly packaging, his love for nature and the outdoors is always present.

Jason is the engine room of Common: his action-oriented approach keeps us moving forward, his positivity and hard working attitude acts as the glue that holds everything together.  

Jason hopes that one day Common will be a leading example of sustainable values and company culture. 


Michael joined Common four years ago, as our first employee. Looking to expand his knowledge within the coffee industry, Michael has shown dedication and commitment to personal development that is to be commended.

Hailing from Fife, Michael is a proud Scotsman. An avid mushroom forager and a more than capable chef at home, our coffee is certainly in good hands. Michael’s personable approach to everyone he engages with is a testament to his character.

Michael has grown with us and helped steer Common through a challenging period, we are lucky to have him on the team. 

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