The connection between coffee and people

Oct 26, 2023Jason Harvey

The connection between coffee and people is one that has been around for centuries. Quite often we meet a friend for a coffee, we have a business meeting over a coffee, we go on a coffee date, or we share ideas over coffee. Maybe we haven’t seen someone for a long time and we say “let’s go for a coffee” – we might even end up having a cup of tea, but everyone knows what “going for a coffee” means.

It means we’re going to catch up for a brief moment. Whether that’s with a long lost friend, a family member, or for an important business meeting. It means something slightly different to all of us in our lives. But it’s something the majority of us interact with on a daily basis. Coffee shops can form a cornerstone of communities. Not just for the effects of coffee, but for cultural reasons, community reasons, and for connection.

Coffee plays a large part in all of our lives. It’s so much more than just a caffeinated beverage that helps us wake up in the morning. It’s a connector, a conversation starter, a relationship enhancer, and a community builder. Think about the interactions that a simple cup of coffee brings into your life – a conversation with a barista while you wait for them to prepare your order, asking your colleagues how they take their coffee when it’s your turn to do the coffee round at work…the list goes on. 

Plus, coffee has created a whole community of people with a shared passion, interest or curiosity in it. From roasters to baristas to everyone else involved in the coffee world, there’s no denying that community lies at the heart of it all. We’re so grateful for our home at Rosemains Steading where we spend a lot of time not only roasting coffee, but connecting with the other individuals in the steading. Most likely, if not always, over a brew.

Here at Common, people lie at the heart of everything we do. We’re obsessed with the idea of coffee bringing people together, forming and strengthening connections, and lying at the centre of our communities. And that’s just on this side of the supply chain.

As we look to the future, we aim to place continued emphasis on how we can connect more people through our shared love of coffee. And we invite you to ask yourself: what connections and communities are you grateful for in your lie?

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